About Us


International Women’s Group (IWG) was formed in 2009 in response to the needs of diverse women living in Glasgow and surrounding areas including: refugees, migrants and those living in social and cultural isolation. IWG seek to empower and inspire women by creating opportunities to come together; make social connections; learn new skills and increase confidence to participate in all aspects of life in Scotland.

Women often find themselves without the necessary understanding or skills to access services vital for the health and wellbeing of themselves and other family members. This could include making and attending health related appointments, dealing with local government officials, resolving issues around housing or benefits, meeting with education staff etc.

IWG will work closely with relevant partners to provide workshops and training programmes which fill the gap in knowledge alongside opportunities to reduce isolation, build friendships and build a sense of identity and pride in their cultural heritage within a context of a multicultural Scotland.

There is a need to provide a safe environment in which women are empowered to advance their rights as active members of the community in all aspects of Scottish civil, economic and political settings. Many current settings would limit access for many women. However, integration and community cohesion is at the heart of this organisations aims, and women will be encouraged to integrate, access relevant services and play an active role at all levels of society.

Aims & Objectives

IWG will actively support women to reduce isolation, promote friendships and support structures which will enable them to access and participate in all aspects of civil society in a multicultural Scotland through promoting both social and skills based opportunities.

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